The San Giovanni wire drawing company was founded in 1947 by a cartel of entrepreneurs from the province of Lecco who recognized the potential for improving productivity and working conditions in a trade that up until that time had typically been founded upon pure physical strength.
So it was that the first workshop sprang up on the banks of the Caldone stream in the San Giovanni district - from which the company derives its name - in order to exploit the hydroelectric power that was crucial for the operation of the first electrically operated machinery that was just starting to replace brute force.

Since that day the company has continued to grow, ever under the direction of the same families, until the present day, to reach its current dimensions that may be expressed by a production area of 25,000 square metres and an annual production of 60,000 tons of low-carbon steel wire.
Commitment to research into new technologies and attention to fundamental aspects of company culture such as safety standards in the workplace, together with the aim of achieving the highest possible productivity without neglecting environmental factors, have never been lacking over the course of our company's history and remain today the values and objectives that we pursue.
The San Giovanni wire drawing company, founded in 1947 in the district of Lecco of the same name by the two families that still steer them today, has succeeded, over the course of their fifty years of history, in carving out for itself a prominent position in the sector of low-carbon steel wire manufacturing.

The perseverance of the managerial team in their continuous search for qualitatively high standards of production and the care given to the service offered to customers are the characteristics that have allowed the company to attain its current size, positioning itself at the top of its sector in terms of both quantity and - even more important for the company's philosophy - quality.
Flexible production, a complete range of products, swift filling of orders and professional staff - these constitute the company's strengths.